Monday, July 15, 2013

Birthday Giveaway on my Instagram!

Hi there guys! 
Just wanted to let you know I'm holding an awesome giveaway on my Instagram account!
Go check it out!
Here are the rules. Remember entry is thru My Instagram

Ok! Here we go!!!! My Birthday Giveaway. I really hope you love this prize as much as I do. I actually got the entire collection of the NEW Essence Floral Grunge for you beauties!!! If your interested in swatches of the polish I will have it up by the end of the day on my blog. But for the makeup,you will need to google those. This collection includes:
 5 polishes
 2 sets of mini lips gloss
 2 eye shadow pallets
1 hair dye powder 
Temp tattoos (small enough to put on your nails)
 Reusable eyeliner strips
 And a Head Band
 Now for the Rules.
 You must follow these rules or your entry will NOT count. 
1* you will need to repost the picture above. In the comments please hashtag #rainysbdaygiveaway @ me as well And answer the following questions
 ** What is my most liked Instagram Photo?
 ** What is my most viewed Youtube video? (Same user name as her)
 ** What is your favorite Mani from me.
 Rule #2 Open internationaly if your willing to pay up to $10 usd for shipping costs outside US and Canada
 Rule#3 Open to all ages. BUT If you are 17 or younger I will ask that you email of kik me a picture of you with you parent giving me a thumbs up. 
Rule#4 If you have followed all the rules upon your post I will then issue you a entry number. 

Winner will be chosen at random on August 16th 2013
 I have always run clean and fare contests and giveaways. I love all my followers and ask that we keep it a no drama all positive giveaway. I have the right to disqualify anyone who doesn't agree. Good luck everyone!
 Xoxoxo Btw!!!! Contest coming this week! Wait till you see those goodies!

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