Monday, July 8, 2013

Double Stamping. Day 23 of my 30 Day Stamping Challenge

Super easy with a nifty outcome.
Basically I stamped in one color and then stamped again in another. It gives it dimension.

Products used:
Base ring finger is Orly in Gumdrop. The rest is Orly in Snowcone.
For the ring finger I stamped with Orly's Snowcone and Shockwave
For the rest of the fingers I stamped with Orly's Gumdrop and Shockwave
Using Jumbo Cheeky Plate B


  1. I hope this doesn't sound weird but how do you get your 'watermark' to be diagonal like that? Do you use photoshop? I use an online editing service and can only seem to be able to type something straight across. Thanks!

    1. That's not weird. =) I use an app for my phone. I take most of my pictures with my mytouch phone. There are so many watermark apps to choose from.

  2. Your mani always look impeccable! I've tried stamping with regular nail polishes before and that didn't work so well. Any tips?

    1. Thank you Pang. I would say that any polish that applies great coverage in one coat will stamp the best. Also,check the stamper to make sure the polish transfered well before stamping. =)