Monday, July 22, 2013

Review and Nail Art Stamped with Vivid Lacquer Plate 006

I ordered these on June 30th and finally received them on July 18th. The shipping info say processing takes up to 10 days. So I anticipated a longer delivery wait. But after 16 days passed I contacted Vivid Lacquer to make sure my order went thru. I was also concerned because we have package thieves in our area. I wanted to be home when it was delivered. She responded right away and informed me she was ill and was unable to get to the post office. I completely understood. We all get sick. I for one don't move a muscle when I'm sick.
At any rate my order arrived a couple days later with a free mini bottle of her polish(Late Bloomer) and a apology note. Super sweet. This is what customer service should always be like. She also offered me a 30% off discount on my next purchase.
I WILL be purchasing from her again!
I am absolutely in love with this stamping plate!
They transfer beautifully every time.
I use black because that way I can see if the entire image transfers. It does!
The images are huge! And there are some for smaller nails. 
If your a collector of stamping plates,this is a must!

On to the pictures.
Size comparison to Mash
Size comparison to Pueen
Size comparison Cheeky
Mash on the Left Pueen on the Right
Vivid Lacquer


  1. Love this plate! Did you freehand the image on your index finger in the black and white mani?

    1. I did. With acrylic paint. Thank you!

  2. Great post! What did you use for stamping? Konad, regular nail polish, acrylic, etc?