Tuesday, July 30, 2013

With Love for a Friend.

I have met the most amazing women since starting this journey with my nail art. The way women come together to help,encourage and share our love for nails and beauty is beyond me. One amazing lady I have been lucky enough to know is Jess.(Instagram jessjamify) Facebook Random Beauty with JessJamify. We met thru my cousin Krystal whom she follows on Instagram. 
Why is Jess such an amazing person to me? Well, she has overcome a lot in her young life. One of them being a survivor of breast cancer. And the other,having her mother pass away far to soon in her life.
Her mother was a rockin nail artist and Jess often says that my work reminds her of her moms work. I always feel uplifted and genuinely delighted when she says this.
A couple weeks ago Jess asked me to create a manicure dedicated to her mom. She told me her mom was a huge fan of lips. Anything to do with lips or lipstick.
So after some thought I came up with this design. 
The entire time I painted these I had her mom and her quietly talking in my ear. Jess has a few picture of her wedding day on her facebook in which the both of them just look radiant and glowing with joy. You can literally see love in there faces.
I was so honored to be asked to create these. There isn't much going on with this design. Simple and beautiful. Just like there relationship.
One day I will meet Jess in person. There will be tears im sure. But most of all there will be love and respect. And of course nail painting. She has also promised to do my makeup! She is one amazing makeup artist. Like mother like daughter.

Base is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Midnight in NY
The lips and ribbon were hand painted using acrylic paints.
Topped with Seche Vite

Now for picture over load. =)

Thank you Jess! Muah!
Love and Positivity